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Future of Alternative Funding

10 Alternative Funding Solutions to Finance Business in 2020

With the future upon us, new alternative funding ecosystems seem to have appeared overnight.  Although SEC and other regulatory bodies have been making strides in understanding and governing these new innovations, the weight still lies on professional consumers to become sophisticated when seeking to utilize these resources. 

In addition with this new rapid growth the large majority have not been able to comprehend the implications or ramifications of such vast changes in the capital climate.  In order to maximize fundraising efforts, it is important that capital seekers understand the advantages and disadvantages of some of the leading industry funding vehicles in order to develop a holistic approach to developing a funding acquisition strategy. 

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of 10 alternative funding solutions that can be integrated to derive a more modern-holistic capital raising strategy to financing ecosystems. These 10 alternatives, in no set order, can help business owners and chief financial decision makers (CFOs, CIO, CEOs) develop a more powerful capital framework to harness future growth.

10 Modern Alternative Funding Vehicles to Integrate into Finance Ecosystems of 2020

1. Alternative Lending | Private Lending | Database

  •             Angel Networks
  •             Family Offices
  •            High Network Individuals (HNI)
  •             Private Lending Institutions

2. SBA Lending | EDC | SBA Banks | Small Business Resource Centers | Non-profits

  •             Incubators
  •             Accelerators
  • Economic Development Councils (EDCs)

3. Federal & Government Funds | Local & State Municipalities

4. Pre Sales | Contracts

  •             Purchase Orders
  •            Reward-Based Crowdfunding

5. Advertising | Sponsorship

  •           Community Sync (Local Community Alliances)
  •            Corporate Sync (Corporate Partnership Alliances)

6. Barter & Trade

  •             Barter Community
  •             Spreadsheet Trade
  •            Profit Share

7. Owner Finance | In House Finance

  •             Equipment Financing
  •             Wholesale Lending
  •             Under Contract

8. Business Credit

  •             Trade Lines
  •             Business Credit Cards

9. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) | Cryptocurrency

10. Equity Crowd Funding | Fin Techs

  • Online Exemptions
  • Regulations A,B,C, D etc.

The advantage of most alternative funding solutions mentioned previously is that they are modularly designed with the methodology of integratabtle growth acceleration in mind. Meaning, organizations can separate or couple these vehicles together to build a more diverse-holistic capital raising strategy. In addition, these funding models often aid in the acceleration of business growth providing tools and systems that can be translated to work in conjunction with business operations to enhance overall capacity.

For deeper insight into these funding vehicles and more in-depth information about how to apply these strategies into your approach, register for an account and subscribe to our news content. As in the future we will be covering these topics further releasing full reports highlighting each comprehensively, providing access to exclusive database directories and sharing special financial-market insights.

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